3 Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne Pimples Overnight

Acne is said to be one of the most common skin condition that is characterized by blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, zits, greasy skin and often times scarring on the chest, face and back. It occurs when pores are blocked and the excessive dead skin, oil, and bacteria cannot be effectively removed.

There are a myriad of factors that contributes to acne. Some of these includes: a weak immune system, bacterial infection, toxin accumulation in the body, irritation of hair follicle, pollution, genetics, hormonal imbalances and lack of nourishment.

Its no secret that everyone that suffers from acne is looking for a magical solution that can clear acne overnight. The great news is that this is not simply wishful thinking. There are indeed some safe and effective home-remedies that you can use clear pimples overnight.

Here Are 3 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight

Ways To Get Rid Of Your Pimples

1. Applying Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is an Anti-microbial agent and has been claimed to be useful for treating a wide variety of medical conditions. Acne pimples happens to be one such condition. Tea tree oil will sooth the skin and disinfect the area thus killing the bacteria and also prevent other areas from becoming infected.

Applying Tea Tree OilA unique benefit to using tea tree oil to treat acne pimples is that it will not strip the nor will it add further damage. Once you follow the application steps below, tea tree oil will be an effective too in the battle against acne.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil

Before you begin application of any cream, moisturizers, or home remedy to your face, it is very important that your wash your face to remove dirt and bacteria that may be on the surface. You should also rinse your face with warm water to open up the skin pores so that the remedy can be of maximum benefit to you.

Once you’ve opened up your pores, use the steps below to apply the tea tree oil to your pimples:

  • – Mix one part tea tree oil with nine parts of water
  • – Take a cotton ball and dip in the mixture. Apply it on the Acne pimple and leave it for around ten minutes
  • – Wash the skin with lukewarm water
  • – Apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type
  • – Repeat this process three times a day.

Note: If you have a very sensitive skin, you can dilute the tea tree oil with Aloe Vera gel instead of using water.

2. Toothpaste

Toothpaste for acneThis is one of the home remedies that can work wonders in getting rid of acne pimples overnight. Yes, you have just read the right thing! Simply by directly applying toothpaste to your skin, it can be used as an emergency treatment for acne pimples. It quickly dries up the pimple and sucks out the excess oil available in the skin. This will shorten the overall time pimple will take to heal.

It is, however, important that you use this technique with a little bit more moderation because your skin can be dried up if improperly used or overused.

How Do You Choose The Correct Toothpaste for Your Skin?

Although they are many effective ingredients found in toothpaste, that does not necessarily mean that it will work the same for everyone. There are a lot of different cause for acne as earlier stated. However, given that this method is free and have no damage to your skin, it is worth a try. The effectiveness of the treatment largely depends on your skin type. There are many brands of toothpaste available and choosing the right one for your skin may be a challenging task.

Most people that used this method before with little success may not have been using the right type of toothpaste for their skin. All white toothpaste is the one that is highly recommended. Toothpaste with colored strips contains other ingredients that may cause irritation to your skin.

Before You Apply Toothpaste On Your Face, You Might Want to Consider The Following Points:

  • – Wash your hands

Make sure that your hands are clean before applying toothpaste on your face. Any residue of dirt on your hands can transfer more bacteria on your skin that can even worsen its condition.

  • – Wash face and other areas that you wish to apply

Don’t forget to clean thoroughly your face and other areas of application with clean, warm water.

  • – Application

Apply toothpaste in small quantities onto the acne pimple. Just place a small toothpaste blob but do not massage it into your skin.

Note: You should not apply toothpaste as a face-mask or apply to areas that are not affected. It can cause irritation, redness, and peeling of your skin.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera GelAloe Vera is another very effective home remedy for Acne pimples. It can be directly utilized in the affected areas to help eliminate Acne. It has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing skin irritation and reduce redness. Always use gel that has been freshly extracted from an Aloe Vera leaf as it contains the effective and essential healing qualities to treat injured skin.

It has a great moisturizing effect that makes the skin more toned, elastic, revitalizing and rejuvenated. The pulp and juice contained in the Aloe Vera plant can easily and quickly soothe skin that is under irritation.

Use the following steps when applying:

  • – Squeeze the gel out from an Aloe Vera leaf
  • – Apply the gel on your face of course after cleaning it with warm water and leave it to stay overnight
  • – Wash your face with warm water the following morning
  • – Repeat this process as necessary

Popping pimples and other related funny methods should be the least of your doings. This will help you prevent a breakout of Pimples on your face. The squeezing of one pimple may lead to the formation of another one. It can also lead to infections that may require medical attention.


There are a thousand of skin products from a thousand of different brands in the market that claim to have an ultimate solution for Acne pimples. These products are way too expensive, and you can end up spending a lot of cash only to be disappointed in the end. A majority of people today have begun exploring natural home remedies that are easily available, cheap and safer if proper application is done.

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